What’s your Financial Warrior Class?

I had just hit my rock bottom financial point, and I desperately needed some financial education. It was my junior year of college, I was working 30 hrs a week at damn near minimum wage, trying to afford an $800 a month apartment, no take out any more student loans, and my Mom’s health was rapidly declining.

I had to figure out my financial life, graduate college, get a job, and become a caretaker for my Mom. But the financial game was so overwhelming. And now, with an eviction literally hanging on my door, I had to act, and fast.

I had Tai Lopez telling me to drop out of college, Dave Ramsay telling me that debt was dumb, Grant Cardone telling me that debt was the only way to wealth, and my parents telling me to pursue my dreams and worry about money last.

I was in a financial train wreck. In my overwhelmed stupor, I grabbed the only book that truly gave me guidance. My Dungeons and Dragons player handbook.

Again, I wasn’t expecting D&D to change my life.

I quickly turned to the character creation section sat next to a stack of personal finance and investing books I had accumulated. I began to write down the titles of the various warrior classes present in the game, and next to each, a set of financial principles that they each represented.

And my outline looked something like this:

The Knight

Goals: Protection & Stability

Strategy: Become Debt Free with a Paid off Home & Save for Retirement

Asset Classes: Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts, Bonds, and Homeownership

Allies: Family & Friends

The Ninja

Goals: Knowledge & Chaos

Strategy: Band together with other Ninja’s and attack, or ally with market makers.

Asset Classes: Day Trading Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Forex,

Allies: Reddit Forms, Private Chat Groups, Telegram Signal Groups

The Samurai

Goals: Power & Influence

Strategy: Invest in fiefs – cash flow assets based on human needs.

Asset Classes: Debt-leveraged Real Estate, Businesses based on human needs

Allies: Investors and Business Partners

The Viking


Planning and Raiding


 Base all Financial Decisions on the overall Economic Cycle

Asset Classes: Commodities, Gold, Precious Metals, Futures

Allies: Family, Clans, Business Partners

The Pirate

Goals: Freedom and Entrepreneurship

Strategy: Build your own Brand & invest in your own Business.

Asset Classes: Businesses, Websites, Lead funnels, Online Stores

Allies: A handpicked crew to run your ship.

The Monk

Goals: Financial Minimalism

Strategy: Live on less & invest in things to make the earth a better place for her people.

Asset Classes: Green Energy, Blockchain technology, Stocks with a Socially Ethical Focus, Commercial Real Estate

Allies: Everyone. The Monk strives to not take sides in Financial Warfare, only uplift all those he or she can.

As I starred at my outline, I could only feel one thing:

Total embarrassment.

I had failed with my financial education with money so bad, that I had to write out a hooky Dungeons and Dragons-themed list, just to understand money & investing. But as I slowly started to share the list with close friends and co-workers, the more and more positive feedback I got.

No one I spoke with really had a strategy about money. No one had really clear goals, nor a plan on how to get to those goals. But once they saw my outline, they wanted more. How does a Financial Knight buy their first home? Why does a Ninja not invest in real estate? How come Samurai’s aren’t afraid to use debt?

So I went back to my financial education books, went back to my Dungeons and Dragons guides, and continued my learning. Quickly I found myself teaching others about investing. I was doing coaching sessions in breakrooms, convincing high schoolers not to go to college, and helping new parents get out of debt. And thus, Invest Like a Warrior was born.

Invest Like a Warrior is a combination of all of my personal finance, investing, and financial education knowledge, all rolled into one. The goal of our platform is to help you find your personal financial warrior class. Whether you are a Viking who wants to save your cash for 6 months and make one big investment a year, or if you want to day trade your way into wealth, there is a warrior class for you.

What’s your Financial Warrior Class?


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