What is Invest Like a Warrior?

It is an age of chaos.  Inequality is seen throughout the land.  Student loans, bankruptcies, and foreclosures threaten the very heart of our economic world.  The only hope for survival any of is to learn to wage Financial Warfare.

What is Financial Warfare?

Financial Warfare is the war that we wage our entire lives.  It is the rent, the mortgage, the medical bills, social security, taxes, take home pay, the bond market, it’s everything financial one has to deal with in one’s life.  And unfortunately, there is no way out.  You will always have bills.  You will always have taxes.  You will always need roof over your head.   And that is why it is so important to learn how to wage Financial Warfare.

Everyone needs a strategy for their financial lives.  Whether it’s working the same job for 30 years, starting your own real estate empire, or simply downsizing and living on less. You will need to develop a strategy based on goals.  One of the biggest reasons people get in trouble financially is because they don’t pick a specific financial strategy or if they do, they don’t stick with it.   So in order to help the masses achieve financial independence, I have developed Invest Like a Warrior.

What is Invest like a Warrior?

Invest like a warrior is an Online platform dedicated to teaching you on how to wage Financial Warfare.  I have developed 6 unique paths based on battle tactics and mentalities of 6 different warrior classes.  Each Warrior class will contain both a financial strategy and specific asset classes that match each strategy.  The ultimate goal will be for each visitor to find strategy that matches their unique personality, and with it, asset classes that best match those strategies.

The Viking

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Vikings were seasonal raiders.  They planned, prayed, and pillaged all according in cycles.  They would repeat the same patterns of conquest for generations upon generations.  A Viking investor will learn to read the runes, and plan his investing accordingly.


  • Learn to read the Runes of the Financial World.  (Recessions, Interest Rates, The Fed, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard and Poor’s, etc. 
  • Access the ancient wisdom of the Financial Gods that have come before you. All losing an eye.  (Warren Buffet,  Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc.)
  •  Invest in easy to grasp concepts markets.  Avoid complicated investment options like emerging tech or high risk investments.
  • Vikings experienced harsh winters that would frequently drain their resources.  They routinely left the “market” when conditions were bad.

Assets covered: Market Theory, Timing the Market, Value Investing , Investment Principles

The goal of the Viking is to invest in cycles. 


buying a home, buy first home, bonds, financial independence,


The Knight

The Knight values stability and defense above all things.  Their sole goal is to buy a home, become debt free, and to pass the castle and it’s wealth on to the next generation.

  • Pay off all debt.  The Knight will sacrifice his material pleasures for greater stability.
  • Buy a Home, the Knight will strategize his efforts to buying a home and defending it
  • Retirement, A knight recognizes that their health will not last forever, therefore it is imperative that the knight plans his retirement before he is too weak to wage war.
  • Passing on his wealth, The Knight will take great pride knowing that upon his death, he has set his future legacy.

Assets Covered: Buying your 1st Home, Retirement Accounts including IRAs and 401ks, Bonds,

cryptocurrency, stocks, ipo, technical analysis

The Ninja

The Ninja is always able to strike.  They value liquidity and rather than stability.  They prefer high risk mitigated by careful research and planning.


    • Become a calculated risk taker.  Gravitate towards high risk, high reward opportunities.
    • Technical Investment techniques such as analysis such as 90 Day moving average, boiler brands, Ichmonki Clouds, etc.
    • Liquidity over  Stability, avoid investments such as real estate they offer no “liquidity”


  • Crypto Currency is an excellent new market for the Ninja investor.

Assets covered:  Crypto Currency, Stocks, Initial Public Offerings, (I.P.O.) Forex,

The goal of The Ninja is to be able to jump into the market anytime an opportunity presents itself to make profit may it be good or bad market.

branding, self branding, promotion, start business,

The Pirate

You are your own greatest investment.  The Pirate will seek to develop their own unique business model and Brand Identity.  They will seek to become self-employed and achieve a freedom that no other warrior class will possess.

  • Focus on Self Branding
  • Creating a profitable business model where your unique brand is the most valuable component of your business.
  • Creating a unique website will be key component of the Pirate Strategy.
  • Pirates will not attack at random, they will follow the money wherever it may lead them.

The goal of the pirate is to create themselves a public image that will resonate with their clientele.  Thus achieving Freedom to their 9-5.

Assets covered

Self branding, Dropshipping, Networking, Website Creation, Self-Promotion, etc.


 The Monk

The Monk, at their core, is a minimalist.  They recognize that society is always demanding we spend more, consume more, and expand more.  Their path to freedom is based on learning to live on less, and invest their energy in experiences, rather than material possessions

  • Seek to downsize their physical possessions in order to live on less.
  • Constantly evaluate your spending to see if there is a cheaper way to achieve same result.  (Stop Driving, Move to Cheaper Areas, cooking at home, etc.)
  • Become mindful consumers.  Seek ways to minimize your consumption and maximize your savings as a result.
  • Invest in assets that will bring stability to the earth.  (Green Tech, Adoption, Socially responsible funds, etc. )

The goal of the monk is to find balance through sacrifice e and minimalism

Assets Covered:  Green Investing, Social Responsible Investing, budget reduction,


real estate, asset, multi-family homes, homes,

The Samurai

The Samurai was a class of prestige.  Samurai’s were always awarded a “fief”, or money producing asset.  The money producing asset was always a physical procession such as housing, farmland, a fishing village, etc.  The Samurai then deferred all daily management of the fief to his subordinates.  He then could focus his attention on more pressing matters.


  • Obtain a “fief” or money producing asset.
  • A Samurai’s fief will always be a physical asset.  Avoid intangible investments like stocks and crypto currencies.
  • Learn to seek out partners, investors, and financial planners to assist in the growth of the fief or fiefs.
  • Reap the profits of the Fief without having to put in any work.

The goal of the samurai is to obtain a physical fief 

8 thoughts on “What is Invest Like a Warrior?

  1. I like the idea behind Invest like a warrior. The fact that each topic is assigned a character makes it appealing to those who love a good story and those who are turned off by the usual, boring “facts only” approach. I think this would make learning how to make money online much more fun and exciting for people who have a hard time keeping interest in learning how to create and grow an online business.

    1. Thanks Beauty!  I also really loved your site as well.  

      My goal was to make the boring topic of investing as easy as possible to understand.  I hope you continue to check back on our updates.  And If you ever want to specific topic covered, be sure to let me know. 

  2. A very unusual but understandable comparison of the types of online trading and investing. Invest like a Warrior. I may be a little Ninja since I’ve invested in Cryptocurrency. Shouldn’t I, as a ninja, already make hara-kiri at today’s bitcoin course?Maybe go to the monastery and be a monk anyway?

    1. Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s contemplated ritualistic suicide in this Bear Crypto Market.  But we, as Ninja investor, know how complicated the inner workings of an asset class can be.  According to the Media Bitcoin has “died” at least 300 times.  So I expect a Bull Market is right around the corner.  

      In my state there is talk of creating a Etherum based mortgage product.  A same day mortgage where you can fully close on a house in 1 business day.  No more touring in and waiting a month or longer to close.  To I’m definitely bullish on Ether.  

      Any coins your passionate about?

  3. I love the way you laid that out! To be completely honest, the financial wold can become an incredibly dull and boring place but it shouldn’t be, it’s way to important! It’s a mental game that can be played in so many different ways. I can appreciate the way you illustrated that and literally brought financial concepts “down to earth”. What I like even more is that by packaging the information in this way, I believe, the doors of interest will be opened to a huge demographic that is currently not paying the attention to their finances the way that they should be. Where on earth did you get the idea of packaging this information in this manner?

    1. It all actually came to me when I was broke, living in a bad neighborhood, and failing a college class.  All because I had mismanaged my finances.  I was trying to achieve too many financial goals at once.  I was trying to put some of my grocery store wages away in a 401k, while trying to pay my way through college, only to have to withdraw my 401k to fix my broken down car.  A car that I needed to commute between college and work.  I was an absolute Financial MESS!   

      I finally had enough and decided to drop out of college and start figuring things out on my own.  But I had way more knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons than I did how to handle money.  I remember asking my father for advice and I’ll never forget what he said. 

       “Invest in what you know.”  

      “But Dad, I don’t know anything about investing.  I just know about Anime, Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, an Dungeons and Dragons. “

      “So, invest in that.  Find a way to connect what you do know with that you don’t.”

       So I got out my Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook.  There I started combing warrior classes and their combat strategies with different investing topics.  Pretty soon I had a rough draft for a book.  

      My father was equally giddy about that whole thing, and suggested a website instead.  Unfortunately my father unexpectedly passed away last year.  He never got to live long enough to see Invest Like a Warrior go live.  So In memory of my father I quit my job and decided to make it happen. For Him. 

      So I hope you stick  around for the Journey.  We have new Content up every Monday.  Next Monday’s article is going to be “Blackbeard’s Guide to Personal Branding.”  Definitely don’t want to miss it! 

  4. Thank you for this great post very informative really like where you talk about financial warfare this one of the reason I decided to start a career as entrepreneur and from you 6 warrior classes I identify myself with the pirate because that’s what looking on create my business freedom 

    1. As a Pirate you’ll love next week’s update.  It’s Blackbeards’ Guide to Personal Branding.  It discusses how personal branding the best way to move any business forward.  Often times a personal brand is more valuable than the business itself.  For example, Financial Guru Dave Ramsey only has a 4 year degree.  There are much smarter money guys out there, but none with the personal brand that he has.

      Be sure to Subscribe to our mailing list to receive more Pirate Updates

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