What is Invest Like a Warrior?

What is Invest like a warrior?

Invest like a warrior is a financial invest and lifestyle blog.  This blog’s goal is to help readers uncover their hidden warrior persona, and then help them craft an investment strategy based on that warrior.  Each warrior in this blog represents a different Financial strategy regarding it’s own asset classes:

The Knight

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The Knight is the investor who values protection and stability above all else.  Their goal is to become debt free, purchase a home, and retire comfortably.  They seek out traditional investments such as real estate, land, IRAs, 401ks.  Click Here to learn more.

The Ninja

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The ninja is one who strikes from the shadows.  This investor will find comfort in methodically planning out every investment they make.  They feel comfortable with hiding behind spreadsheets and quarterly earnings reports, waiting till the perfect time to strike.  They will seek out high risk investments such as Cryptocurrency, Stocks, IPOs, attempt risky day trading, and master arts of technical and qualitive analysis.

The Samurai

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The Samurai is a prideful class.  Their goal is to fight battles that will reward them a fief, a money producing asset.  This investor will seek out fiefs such as rental properties, franchises, and other human need based businesses.   Click here to learn more.

The Viking

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The Viking is a warrior who believes in cycles.  Farm, raid, pillage, trade, travel, all of these occur according the Viking cycle.  The Viking is the investor who will plan his investments based on the current market cycle.  Click here to learn more about the Viking way.

The Pirate

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The Pirate is the epitome of freedom.  To this warrior, the greatest investment is in one’s own brand.  Self-branding, networking, and reputation are more valuable to the pirate than gold.  This warrior will focus on how to create your own business, manage your reputation, and maximize your freedom by becoming your own boss.  Click here to learn more

The Monk

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The Monk:  The Monk is one on the path of enlightenment.  By practicing the art of minimalism, they shed their financial shackles.  By learning to live on less, this investor will gain more wealth in the long run.  This section will focus on money saving tips, renting to get ahead, and how to invest in environmentally friendly and socially sustainable companies.  Click to learn more

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