A Warrior’s Guide to Unemployment

A Warriors Guide to Unemployment Black smoke fills the skyline.  Your sword hand is throbbing with pain.  You look around you and see the ruins of what once was.  Arrows litter the ground, the once proud watch towers are doused in flames, and the very foundations of your castle walls have come crumbling to the ground.     You try to stand […]

Shaolin Sacrifice: How ditching your car can save you Half a Million!

The Shaolin Investor seeks to sacrifice material possessions in order to achieve peace.  Sometimes the best investments we can make isn’t buying something, but rather, removing something from our lives.  And for the modern soul, one of the biggest expenses is their transportation.  Often times the benefits of car ownership far outweigh the costs.  While giving up car ownership might […]

A Knight’s Guide to Retirement

As Knight Investor, you are the investor trusted with guarding the stability of your kingdom.  You will fight many battles, encounter many recessions, and lose many allies along journey.  But every Knight must remember that their time is a Knight is temporary.  There will come a time when you will need to lay down your sword and let the next […]