About Me

My Story

Hi, my name is Jamie, I am the founder and creator of Invest Like a Warrior.  Many people have asked me how this page came about and why I created it.  So I decided to share my own personal story of how I got on the road to financial serfdom, and how I discovered that the only way to find financial peace was to first learn how to wage financial warfare.

My Journey to Financial Serfdom

Like many Millennials, I didn’t receive the best financial.  Personal finance and investing are one of those topics that aren’t really taught in schools or college.  It is a more personal journey where one has to always educate themselves, and often times the rules of the financial world are always changing.  It wasn’t until I graduated college and the student loan bills started coming due,   learn how to money really worked.

I began learning from the many financial gurus out there.  I listed to Debt Free Screams on the Dave Ramsey show,  I read all about Rich Dads and Poor Dads,  and even read the timeless wisdom of Warren Buffet.    But something was missing.  While I was learning how money worked, I wasn’t learning how to make money work for me.

No one was telling me how to build a custom tailored plan for me.   There were no resources out there that told me how I should invest based on who I was.  A system based on my personality.   A system that spoke to me and in a language that I could understand.  So I began to write down my own system, a system that I could use to advise not only myself, but also my friends and family.  And thus Invest Like a Warrior was born.

Birth of a Warrior

Invest Like a Warrior is the bastard stepchild of Game of Thrones, way too much Japanese Anime, and financial advice from all across the financial world.  It is a collection of online resources designed to help you find your way to financial freedom by developing your Warrior Persona.  Each Warrior persona represents a unique set of Asset Classes.  The goal of the blog is to help you match your personality to a specific warrior mindset, and with it, a specific set of asset classes.  Once you’ve discovered the warrior persona that you’ve most identified it’s time to begin your financial planning by completing one of several steps, based on your chosen path.

It is my honest hope that you will find value and purpose through this blog.  That this tome will help no matter where you are on your financial journey.  So sharpen your sword, gathering your forces, sound the horn of battle, but above all else, never quit and never give into your financial enemies.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,